A warming, immune-boosting meal

This delicious vegetarian curry is a diet staple in our house as its so easy to make and freezes really well so great for batch cooking and having to hand when you’re time pressed and wanting a healthy, filling and satisfying meal.

Its also perfect for the cold weather as it is such a comforting meal but mainly because it is packed full of immune-boosting and anti-microbial nutrients. Plus, the ingredients help support both hormonal and detoxification pathways.

Chickpeas are an excellent source of fibre, can help lower cholesterol levels and support blood sugar levels meaning they’re good for keeping insulin in check. They’re also a great source of magnesium and folate. Most people are unaware that chickpeas are also high in phytoestrogens that can help to balance hormone levels, making them a good choice to help combat PMS, menopausal symptoms, acne and PCOS.

Spinach is a particularly nutrient-dense vegetable. It’s exceptionally high in most vitamins and minerals, especially beta carotene (the plant form of vitamin A) and vitamin C.

We like to serve the curry with a yogurt, coriander and lemon zest sauce. Adding lemon zest to foods adds some powerful antioxidant nutrients and coriander can bind to toxins in the gut ensuring safe removal.

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