We aspire that everyone who works with Eat Drink Live Well leaves us being one step closer to being the best version of themselves: switched on, firing on all cylinders and excited for life again.

Along our health journey we often reflect and find that some of our habits, daily routines and rituals are no longer serving us – or in fact that they may be actively holding us back from being the best version of ourselves. Alcohol can be one of these habits – but it’s a conversation that can be challenging to have without feeling judged, labelled or guilty. And alcohol is such an ingrained part of our society, the thought of functioning without, even for a short break, can be daunting.

In keeping with the ‘Drink Well’ ethos of EDLW, our Alcohol Freedom Coaching programme is for you if you feel that you’d like to explore any aspect of your relationship with alcohol in a totally confidential, informal and non-judgemental environment.

You may have a growing, disquieting feeling that alcohol may be holding you back in life – but are not sure that you want to admit this to anyone. Or you may feel fed up and frustrated with yourself at being stuck in the cycle of ‘needing’ a glass of wine or quick G&T (or two) at night to ‘switch off’.

If you’ve been thinking about taking a short (or long) break, we can help you to do that – or if you’ve already parted company with alcohol, we’ll work with you to better navigate an alcohol-free lifestyle and optimise your health by working on:

• Brain function and mental clarity
• Restful Sleep
• Nourishing your liver
• Resetting your digestive system
• Rebalancing hormones
• Regulating your moods
• Rejuvenating your skin
• Feeling energetic and excited for life

Regardless of where you are in your alcohol journey, we invite you to visualise a different picture for your life going forwards. One where you are in control of alcohol.

Typical Alcohol Freedom Coaching clients are high functioning individuals, already performing to a high level in their professional or personal lives, but who just want to live better – achieving more, being more present in their relationships, or gaining back time for healthy habits.

Throughout each stage of the Alcohol Freedom Programme – we use a unique mix of personalised coaching and nutritional recommendations. We’re also able to offer add-ons such as targeted supplement programmes and personalised functional laboratory tests including blood work, gut microbiome and genetics to produce an individualised programme that positions you perfectly to reach your goals.

Caroline is a Certified This Naked Mind Institute alcohol free coach and runs the Alcohol Freedom Coaching Programme for Eat Drink Live Well. Participants benefit from her extensive functional medicine and nutrition experience in a uniquely designed programme with one to one or group coaching available. Learn more about Caroline here.

Whichever stage you’re at in your journey to alcohol freedom – we’d love to speak with you if you’re interested in learning more.

You can book a complimentary Alcohol Freedom Discovery Call by clicking the link below