Functional Laboratory Testing is an optional add-on to your Eat Drink Live Well Clinic Programme and may be recommended in order to help identify factors that may be contributing to your current state of health.

Specific Functional Laboratory Tests are only recommended after a full Functional Medicine Case Analysis during your Initial Consultation in order that we may prioritise testing appropriately, with the sole purpose of truly personalising and fast-tracking your programme rather than working ‘in the dark’. It is our experience that that this enables us to take your personalised therapeutic programme to a higher level in a shorter time frame.

Please note that many of these tests use state of the art technology and are not normally available from standard medical practices.

How do the tests work?

Our Functional Laboratory Test kits are posted directly to your home or office: saliva, urine, stool or finger-prick blood tests are performed by you at home and sent directly back to the laboratory. Certain tests require a blood draw with a local phlebotomist and this will be highlighted at the time of order.


Nutrigenomic Tests

Understanding genetic predispositions for specific nutrients and body system pathways can elevate your Eat Drink Live Well Clinic programme to the next level by truly personalising your dietary, supplemental and lifestyle recommendations. What we eat and drink, what supplements we take and how we live our lives can all turn on or off the ‘expression’ (e.g. activation) of specific genes. These genes are specific to you and only you – which is why at Eat Drink Live Well we truly believe your diet and lifestyle choices should be personalised.

Test Method: Saliva

Nutrigenomic Testing aids understanding of:

  • What type of diet you personally are suited to
  • Predispositions towards higher requirements for antioxidants and nutrients including glutathione, Omega 3 fats, magnesium, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Folate, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B6.
  • Pre-dispositions towards caffeine sensitivities, lactose intolerance and histamine intolerance
  • Pre-disposition towards coeliac disease
  • Pre-disposition towards inflammation
  • Support required for detoxification, methylation, hormone balance, stress management, neurotransmitter balance and optimal sleep
  • How to maximise exercise performance and recovery

Approximate Test Cost: £249-£699+ dependent testing laboratory and markers included 

Digestive Wellness Tests

Understanding digestive function (efficiency of absorption of nutrients) and evaluating the makeup of your individual gut microbiome is an important step in assessing whether the gut may be playing a role in symptoms – and in helping you to achieve optimal health. Gut imbalances play a role in many conditions in addition to contributing to digestive symptoms. Cardiovascular health, permeability of the gut and blood brain barriers, mood disorders, weight gain, skin health, inflammation, immune imbalances and auto-immunity can all be influenced by our digestive health.

The Eat Drink Live Well Clinic offers a range of digestive wellness tests including:

Gastrointestinal Health

Test Method: Home stool test

We use several different gastrointestinal tests to assess digestive function, requiring either a 1 or 3 day stool sample. These tests help to evaluate microbial balance, yeast and/or bacterial overgrowth, inflammatory, pathogen and parasite presence, as well as efficiency of digestive enzymes, necessary for breakdown and absorption of food. The 1-day sample, PCR test additionally screens for H-Pylori, gives an indication of whether you may be reacting to gluten, and helps to assess gut-related immune function. These tests focus on microbial balance in the large intestine (colon) and are frequently used in conjunction with SIBO testing for gastrointestinal symptoms.

Approximate Test Cost: £360 dependent on testing laboratory and makers included 

SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) Test

Test Method: breath test

This test focuses on the Small Intestine and is complimentary to a Gastrointestinal Health test; evaluated together they provide a more thorough overview of what may be contributing to digestive symptoms; it is now believed that 60-80% of IBS cases are now thought to have SIBO as a contributory factor 

Approximate Test Cost: £165

Intestinal Permeability Test

Test Method: blood draw

Our years of clinical experience plus other test results (e.g. Gastrointestinal Health, Organic Acid and Food Sensitivity tests) can give a good indication of the likelihood of Intestinal Permeability (Leaky Gut) but for a more definitive assessment of intestinal barrier function an Intestinal Permeability Test can be useful. Imbalanced gut microbiota, specific foods, stress and high exercise levels can compromise the intestinal barrier; a compromised intestinal barrier is closely linked with permeability of the Blood Brain Barrier. Results help to assess the importance and length of a ‘repair’ protocol within your programme.

Approximate Test Cost: £195- £310 dependent on testing laboratory and makers included 

Coeliac Disease

Test Method: blood draw

We offer a range of coeliac screening tests for clients who are unable to obtain this test within the scope of their existing medical care

Approximate Test Cost: £125 to £260 dependent on testing laboratory and markers included

Food Sensitivity and Intolerance Tests

Test Method: blood draw or home finger-prick blood test

Food sensitivities can be indicative of constant, chronic low-grade inflammation yet it can often be hard to identify which foods may be impacting you, in part due to the delayed nature (commonly up to 72 hours) of a diverse array of symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, skin irritation or bloating – that may occur after eating. We use a range of tests to assess non-IgE mediated inflammatory reactions (such as IgG, IgA, IgM or histamine markers) alongside therapeutic dietary programmes. Identifying and eliminating problem foods for a specific amount of time, before reintroducing them in a targeted manner, may help to relieve the inflammatory load on the body.

Approximate Test Cost: £310 to £500 dependent on testing laboratory and markers included

Comprehensive Nutrition Analysis

Test Method: Blood Draw (requires centrifuge) and Home Urine Collection 

The NutrEval Test is our most comprehensive test option and is a great ‘Health MOT’. The NutrEval Test evaluates overall nutritional status to identify key nutritional deficiencies and to assess personalised dietary and/or supplementation requirements for antioxidants, B vitamins, Vitamin D, minerals, essential fatty acids and amino acids. The test also looks at markers for digestion, cellular energy (e.g. fatigue), neurotransmitters (e.g. mood) and detoxification as well as screening for heavy metals, oxidative stress and homocysteine (an inflammatory protein related to cardiovascular risk and cognitive decline). It additionally screens for the presence of inflammatory heavy metals, including mercury and lead. The NutrEval is used particularly in order to aid and target support for complex chronic conditions as well as an important tool in optimising health.  Results from this test help to determine a personalised dietary programme and supplementation plan.

Approximate Test Cost: £605

 Organic Acid Tests

Test Method: urine

Organic Acid testing may help to give an understanding of individual diet and supplementation needs, and offers a personalised functional nutrition assessment covering a number of areas including: oxidative stress, amino acids (protein), cellular energy production, malabsorption and dysbiosis, neurotransmitters, vitamin requirements, toxin exposure and detoxification need. Please note that an organic acid test is included as part of the Comprehensive Nutrition Analysis (NutrEval Test)

Approximate Test Cost: £260 to £335 dependent on testing laboratory and makers included 

Individual Vitamin and Mineral Assessment Tests

Test Method: urine, blood draw or finger-prick

Deficiencies in one or more vitamins or minerals can be very common. In our aim to optimise your health it is important that your micronutrient levels are optimised. Tests are available for specific nutrients via a range of methods (urine, blood draw or home finger prick) or as a bulk-screening panel. Nutrients commonly screened for include Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Folate, Iron (including ferritin), Magnesium and Zinc

Approximate Test Cost: £40 to £110 dependent on testing laboratory and makers included 

Essential Fatty Acid Tests

Test Method: blood draw or finger-prick

Understanding levels of essential fats in the body helps to guide appropriate supplementation levels and recommendations for dietary intake of essential fats and antioxidants. A balanced fatty acid intake impacts the balance of anti and pro-inflammatory compounds in the body; understanding your requirement for essential fats can be useful for hormone balance (including thyroid health), energy, cardiovascular health, mood, brain health and weight management.

Approximate Test Cost: £110 to £165 dependent on testing laboratory and makers included 

 Cardiovascular Tests

Test Method: blood draw or finger-prick

We use a range of cardiovascular health tests to assess markers related to cardiovascular risk factors. This may include nutrient levels, clotting factors, inflammatory markers such as hsCRP, MPO, PLAC, homocysteine, oxidised LDL as well as advanced lipid testing to include Lp(a) and cholesterol particle size (particle size helps to identify the levels of small ‘dense’ cholesterol particles which contribute to atherosclerosis).

Approximate Test Cost: £110 to £235 dependent on testing laboratory and makers included 

Homocysteine Test

Test Method: blood draw or finger-prick

High homocysteine levels can be a risk factor for both cardiovascular disease and cognitive function. Homocysteine levels are also an indirect indication of requirement for specific nutrients critical to methylation, including Folate, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, B2 and SAMe. Methylation is a complicated process but is vital in everything we do – it ‘makes things’ work’ – and some people can have a genetic predisposition to compromised methylation!

Approximate Test Cost: £75 to £150 dependent on testing laboratory and makers included 

Metabolic Tests:

Test Method: blood draw or finger-prick

Markers that are relevant to blood sugar balance, weight control, energy and inflammation are measured, including fasting insulin, fasting glucose, leptin and HbA1C.

Approximate Test Cost: £90 to £165 dependent on testing laboratory and makers included 

Adrenal Stress Tests

Test Method: home saliva or urine test

Adrenal tests are relevant for a wide range of people – from athletes to those with low energy, sex hormone imbalances or thyroid issues. Tests assess DHEA levels and adrenal cortisol production and utilisation within the body. The HPA (Hypothalamus Pituitary Adrenal axis) can be disrupted for a variety of reasons including stress and exercise. Disruption to the HPA axis can contribute towards mood fluctuations and irritability, weight gain, fatigue, impaired repair and/or lowered immunity and disrupted thyroid or sex hormone production.

Approximate Test Cost: £85 to £195 dependent on testing laboratory and makers included 

Thyroid Hormone Tests

Test Method: blood draw or finger-prick

The thyroid gland regulates metabolism helping to control hormones, weight, and temperature. An imbalance in thyroid hormones can contribute to a range of symptoms related to mood, digestive function, thinning hair and low energy. Thyroid tests used by the Eat Drink Live Well Clinic include assessment for autoimmune thyroid antibodies (TPO, TgAb) as well as TSH, Total and Free T4, Total and Free T3 and Reverse T3. A thyroid profile that includes specific nutrients as well as elements that can impact thyroid function such as Iodine, Bromine, Selenium, Mercury and Arsenic may also be recommended,

Approximate Test Cost: £65 to £310 dependent on testing laboratory and makers included 

Sex Hormone Tests

Test Method: urine, blood draw or finger-prick  

In conjunction with other tests, targeted sex hormone hormone tests for both men and women can be helpful in supporting Eat Drink Live Well Clinic programmes supporting fertility, endometriosis, PCOS, menopause, libido and prostate health.

Approximate Test Cost: £75 to £435 dependent on testing laboratory and makers included 

Environmental Toxicity Tests

Test Method: urine

We use a variety of environmental toxicity tests to screen common environmental toxins (e.g. chemicals commonly used in household care products) as well as mould and mycotoxin testing.

Approximate Test Cost: £180 to £615 dependent on testing laboratory and makers included 

Heavy Metals Tests

Test Method: urine, blood draw and/or finger-prick

Heavy metal toxicity due to a high body burden of mercury, arsenic, lead, aluminium and cadmium may be relevant factors to consider when working with a range of conditions from autoimmunity to cognitive function to cardiovascular health. Blood and urine samples are most commonly used to assess heavy metals.

Approximate Test Cost: £210 to £355 dependent on testing laboratory and makers included 

Functional Blood Chemistry

Test Method: urine, blood draw and/or home finger-prick blood

Whilst we are not medical doctors, we frequently run standard blood screens for clients who are unable to request this via their GP. As with all of our testing options we will refer you back to your GP or medical provider if test results are out of reference range.

Approximate Test Cost: £80 to £250 dependent on testing laboratory and makers included 

Viral Tests

Test Method: blood draw

We are able to offer a range of viral testing options including Epstein Barr Virus, Cytomegalovirus, Herpes Simplex Virus, Human Herpes Virus, Varicella and Measles.

Approximate Test Cost: £275-£505 dependent on testing laboratory and makers included 

Lyme and Co-infections Tests

Test Method: urine or blood draw

Chronic Lyme Disease can be difficult to diagnose due to the wide range of symptoms that are associated with the condition. We offer a range of Lyme and Co-infections Test options to help assess whether Lyme Disease may be impacting your health symptoms.

Approximate Test Cost: £85 to £640 dependent on testing laboratory and makers included 

Please note that phlebotomy charges and/or courier charges in some cases may be at additional cost to the quoted test prices.