We may be nutritionists but here at Eat Drink Live Well we love a drink as much as the next person, it’s fun! Not so much fun is the morning after. The temptation is to eat a stodgy, carb-loaded breakfast to feel better. But this ultimately makes us more lethargic and doesn’t provide the ingredients we actually need for our bodies to process the alcohol and replenish lost nutrient stores.

No one feels like spending ages making the perfect breakfast when they’re hungover, a visit to Starbucks is far more tempting – as is getting the last 5 minutes out of the snooze button. But ditch the coffee, these hangover smoothies are super quick and an easy way to give your body what it actually needs to recover from the night before and get you back on your feet in no time.

Hangovers are mainly a result of dehydration and loss of potassium and electrolytes. We’ve included ingredients to counteract this and have kept them simple – easy to prepare in under 5 minutes.

What’s great about smoothies is that you can prepare the fruit and veg way in advance and freeze, ready to blend in the morning without even having to bother chopping anything!


mango chocolate smoothie

No one would think this creamy, chocolatey smoothie has been specifically designed to counteract hangover symptoms. This is a great energizing and feel-good drink, packed full of nutrients. The bananas and cacao help to boost serotonin levels, lifting spirits and mood, plus you’ll be getting a load of antioxidants and potassium.

The more alcohol you drink, the more potassium is lost and coconut water is another good source of potassium and electrolytes.

Another key consideration when dealing with hangovers are blood sugar imbalances. Contrary to popular belief, mangoes are one of the few tropical fruits that don’t shoot your blood sugar levels sky high. They’re also a fantastic source of the plant form of vitamin A – important for a healthy immune system.

Mango is teamed with banana, which is a high GI/GL fruit but this effect is dampened by the antimicrobial coconut oil and digestive-friendly live natural yoghurt. Over 70% of the immune system is located in the gut and probiotic-rich yoghurt is a good way to support gut health.

Ingredients (serves 2)

½ mango, chopped

1 small banana

2 tsp coconut oil

2 dsp natural yoghurt

150 mls coconut water

1 dsp cacao (or cocoa)

Method: Add all the ingredients to a blender and blitz thoroughly.


watermelon hangover smoothie

Watermelons are great for hangovers and are often ranked top of lists on best hangover cures. That’s because the juice acts more like an isotonic drink due to its hydrating salts, minerals and sugars.

Studies have shown watermelon juice can be twice as hydrating as water, but it’s also packed with nutrients delivering more nutrients per calorie than many other fruits; boasting high levels of vitamins A and C along with some of the most important antioxidants in nature. Plus, the seeds are rich in selenium and zinc so blending the fruit into a drink maximizes the nutritional value.

Cucumbers are another hydrating fruit and can help reduce the intensity of both hangovers and headaches. We’ve added ginger and mint to ease the stomach and help settle any queasiness and nausea. And of course there’s more coconut water to give a potassium hit.


2 thick slices Watermelon (about ¼ small watermelon)

5 cm slice cucumber

1 sprig Mint

Juice ½ Lime

150 mls Coconut water

2 slices Ginger

Method: Add all the ingredients to a blender and blitz thoroughly.


green hangover smoothie

Feeling tired or lethargic? Lack of potassium could be the cause (see a pattern developing with these smoothies?). Spinach is actually a better source of potassium than bananas and greens also help alkalise and detoxify the body as well as provide a whole host of nutrients needed to get energy levels back up. It’s also a good source of sulphur to help the liver clear toxins.

We add berries as they’re not only liver-supportive but are packed full of antioxidants that help mop up damage caused by excess alcohol and support the immune system. This is important as the immune system is compromised by alcohol and none of us want to be hungover and ill.

The avocado is strategic – we need fat with foods in order to be able to absorb the fat-soluble nutrients and get the most out of them. Plus they’re providing vitamin E, fibre and even more potassium.

Ingredients (serves 2)

1 small banana

1 cup berries

1 handful spinach

½ small avocado

150 mls Coconut water or water

squeeze of lime

Method: Add all the ingredients to a blender and blitz thoroughly.


hangover smoothies 2

For more information on how the body deals with alcohol see our article (the skinny on alcohol) and you can find out more about hangover cures and the best supplements to take here.

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