We met over 10 years ago whilst studying at the Institute of Optimum Nutrition. We didn’t really fit in so well there – we drank too much, stayed up too late and ate pizza. This cemented our friendship. Now, with four kids between us we still probably drink too much and still eat the odd pizza but the lack of sleep is for a different reason (called children).

Eat Drink Live Well was born soon after the births of our first children. We needed healthy speedy options that could easily be incorporated into our time-pressed lives.

Sleep deprivation and the chaos of young kids meant we no longer had the time to spend ‘getting it right’ every day.

But life is about balance. We’re busy working mothers and we enjoy our glasses of wine, meals out and coffee shops with our families as much as the next person and we certainly don’t swipe away the birthday cupcakes our kids are given. So to compensate, we make sure the rest of our food at home is nourishing.

Eat Drink Live Well is about sharing our experiences of tweaking and transforming everyday foods into nutrient-dense, healthier alternatives; simple changes that taste great and don’t cost ridiculous amounts. We believe that practically everything we need to be in perfect health can be found in a supermarket and there is no reason why we can’t eat a diverse array of normal foods – from burgers to chocolates. We don’t live on mung beans and don’t expect anyone else to either.

Our years of clinical practice have shown us that people often associate nutrition with surviving on unpronounceable ‘superfood’ powders, bean sprouts or boring salads. But that’s missing the point: we are passionate about good quality ingredients, but equally important is how to use them. Food preparation can result in a loss or enhancement of vital nutrients and we emphasise how to get the most out of the food you’re eating, whether it’s a bag of kale or a bottle of expensive olive oil.

Being healthy is about breaking bad habits – when you feel clean, you eat clean. We’ll try to help you do this. It’s our passion.

Emma Jamieson


Nutritional Therapist and Homeopath

Emma Jamieson - Eat Drink Live Well

I am a qualified Nutritionist and Homeopath and have been doing both in clinic for over ten years. I also regularly write for various books, magazines and websites, including writing for best-selling author Patrick Holford.

I am a mother to two young children. I wouldn’t say I’m qualified in this. They have the ability to fill me with love or drive me insane – oddly sometimes both at the same time.

What I do know is that I want the very best for them in every way. Whether this be in what they’re eating, how active they are or what I put on their skin.

I also want to live a long and healthy life so I can watch them grow up (and amuse myself when their children have a tantrum in a restaurant). With this in mind I like to ensure the whole family is as well nourished as possible.

Caroline Sherlock


Nutritional Therapist

Caroline Sherlock - Eat Drink Live Well

I’ve had a pretty diverse, some would say unusual career. As an ex-international banker, followed by a brief spell as a personal trainer, I’m now perfectly happy where I am right now. As someone who loves food, drink, cooking and growing fruit and veg in the garden, being a nutritionist is my ideal job.

I’ve run my own nutrition practice since graduating from ION in 2005 and currently tutor back there, as well as writing for websites. Its juggling motherhood with everything else that gets to me, and that’s why I’m so passionate about sharing my knowledge and experiences (both good and bad) with anyone else who struggles to fit eating and drinking well into such a busy lifestyle.

 Please feel free to contact Emma or Caroline.