Eat Drink Live Well Platinum Package

The Eat Drink Live Well Platinum Package is for highly motivated individuals who are interested in living life in the best health possible.

Our Platinum Package provides an assessment of where you are now in your health journey, and discussion of how you would like to see your health going forward. We identify personalised nutritional and lifestyle interventions for you, allowing you to directly influence and take control of your future health status.

We achieve this by using a mixture of online analysis tools and our extensive clinical experience and by agreeing at the outset that we will work together as partners over a four to six month period, providing support and accountability for you throughout.

We don’t work in the dark and take wild guesses with your health status but instead use a range of premium, targeted functional laboratory tests that are not available in standard medical practices. Package inclusive tests cover basic blood markers, comprehensive nutrition screening, digestive function, adrenal function (stress) and analysis of genetic predispositions towards raised nutrient requirements. We spend time interpreting these results, explaining them to you, incorporating them into your programme and helping you to optimise and refine your health as a result.

The Eat Drink Live Well Platinum package includes:

  • Blood Test: Vitamins D, B12, folate, iron, thyroid, coeliac, HbA1c, insulin, liver enzymes, lipids, hsCRP (Thriva)
  • Comprehensive Nutrition Screening (NutrEval) Test
  • Comprehensive Nutrigenomic (LifecodeGX) Test
  • Digestive Function (GIMAP) Test
  • Adrenal Stress Test (DUTCH CAR)
  • Initial Consultation (80 minutes) – In Person
  • Implementation Session (45 minutes) – Virtual
  • Test Interpretation Sessions (150 minutes) – Virtual
  • Programme Review Consultations (4×30 minutes) – Virtual
  • Phlebotomy (Blood Draw) and Supplements at extra cost.

Additional Functional Laboratory Tests are available at extra cost – more information can be found in our Test Menu 


Programme Overview: Approximate Timeframe

Week 0: Functional Medicine Analysis Intake Forms to be completed and submitted via client portal

Week 1: Initial Consultation (80 minutes); Functional Laboratory Test kits provided and samples to be submitted

Week 2: Implementation Session (30 minutes); discussion of initial programme recommendations and questions

Week 6: 1x Test Interpretation Session (60 minutes); discussion of first test results and gradual incorporation into programme

Week 8: 1x Test Interpretation Session (90 minutes); discussion of remaining test results and incorporation into programme

Weeks 12, 16, 20, 24: Optimise and Refine Programme; 4x (30 minutes) Programme Review Consultations