Super-easy, delicious homemade pecan nut butter

We always have a jar of homemade (or bought) nut butter in the cupboard and this salted pecan nut butter is without doubt our current favourite. It’s also one of the quickest to make; pecans are softer nuts than hazelnuts or almonds and blend easily, so there’s much less likelihood of your food processor going on strike as a result.

Pecans are my favourite nut by taste – but they tend to be a little overlooked in the ‘healthy nut’ status; other nuts usually take centre stage*:

  • walnuts for their Omega 3 content
  • brazil nuts for selenium and magnesium
  • hazelnuts for folate
  • pistachios for Vitamin B6
  • almonds for calcium and fibre
  • pine nuts for zinc
  • macadamias for Vitamin E and high monounsaturated fat content.

But pecans?

They’re not strictly winners in anything. Instead, they’re just all round good nuts, team players if you like, and provide good levels of all the nutrients mentioned above. They’re a good source of fibre and also phytochemicals including beneficial flavonoids and beta-sitosterol (which may help reduce cholesterol levels). We all should be eating more nuts (obviously unless you have an allergy) as they have so many health benefits; generally, I’m not really fussed which nuts people opt for – providing they’re not commercial roasted and salted.

The beauty of this recipe really comes down to just how easy and quick it is to make, how great it tastes – and also how people (aka kids) who don’t like hard-core nuts (e.g. walnuts) seem to like the sweeter taste of pecans.

We enjoy this nut butter on rice cakes or freshly baked bread or as a dip for apple slices or celery but personally I’m just as happy eating it straight from the spoon!

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*source United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference Release 28