The EDLW Detox programme is the result of our years of clinical experience working with clients on an individual basis to support detoxification pathways. We’ve had such great feedback and results from the programme that we’ve decided to make it available to everyone.

We know that like us, you’re busy – which is why we’ve designed this programme to be simple to implement whilst also getting you results. You’ll receive guidance and supportive materials to transform your health. To ensure you’re success you’ll receive:

  • The EDLW 50 page Detox Guide (e-book) including
    • a 14 day achievable, family-friendly meal planner
    • over 80 nutritious recipes
    • a detox friendly shopping list
    • lifestyle recommendations to enhance detoxification
    • guidance on removing toxins from your environment
    • symptoms questionnaire
    • how to best transition in and out of the detox
  • our private detox Facebook group
  • daily emails with bonus recipes, product suggestions and extra detox tips
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Are supplements required?

Supplements are not required to participate in the programme but we do offer an optional supplement package for those who want to super-charge their detox experience.

We’ve carefully chosen high quality supplements that are designed to enhance liver function and to help eliminate toxins. The three supplements to complement your programme include:

  • a convenient, pleasant tasting Vanilla Liver Detox powder designed to support all phases of liver detoxification
  • a gentle fibre supplement in capsule form to help eliminate toxins
  • a targeted toxin ‘binder’ to help make ensure that toxins are eliminated, rather than recycled back around the body

Many participants opt to take the supplements in addition to making the recommended dietary and lifestyle changes in order to benefit from a more therapeutic, targeted detox.

If you’d like to purchase the supplement package, go for our Detox Plus option

1 review for Detox

  1. Charlie Canniff (verified owner)

    I was slightly worried when the detox was recommended to me, picturing weeks of starvation and misery and was so pleasantly surprised by the delicious recipes and guidance on how to eat well throughout the programme. I never felt that I was depriving myself and yet felt so alive and well afterwards, with so much more energy. Plus I lost the extra weight I was carrying which has given me so much more confidence. I will definitely be doing it again.

    Emma and Caroline guided me through the detox, it was so easy to follow and it introduced me to some delicious new recipes that are firm favourites in my household now. I use the guide as a healthy recipe book!

    Within a few days I could feel the difference within me, I had more energy, clearer skin and my mood had really improved.

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