Caroline Sherlock

Hi! I’m Caroline – co-founder of the Eat Drink Live Well Clinic, Registered Nutritional Therapist and Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner.

My client base is predominantly highly motivated individuals who are seeking a functional medicine approach to their symptoms. People who have diagnosed complex, chronic conditions, who are seeking natural alternatives to the conventional medical approach – and who are seeking resolution to perhaps multiple, seemingly unconnected symptoms that no one else is able to help them with. This might be in the areas of digestive wellness, stress, energy, cardiovascular health, cognitive function, auto-immunity – or in something that falls into all or none of these categories!

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients in clinical practice, have written health articles, tutored, lectured and assessment-marked for the Institute of Optimum Nutrition. I’ve also worked on a voluntary basis for BANT organising educational events for Nutritional Therapists in London and Kent.

I love my job and working with people to unravel the unique circumstances that have led them to our clinic is truly an honour – everyone is different and requires a different solution – so no day is ever the same!

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Emma Jamieson

Hi I’m Emma – co-founder of the Eat Drink Live Well Clinic, Registered Nutritional Therapist and Institute for Functional Medicine Practitioner. I am also a fully qualified homeopath.

I look at a systems-orientated approach to each client rather than only treating the symptoms, which are often diverse and yet all linked through root causes. It is the detective work in identifying root causes coupled with the power of food, supplements and lifestyle habits that attracted me to study in the first place. Functional medicine is ever evolving and I love to spend time researching and attending conferences or having animated discussions with peers and colleagues over complex cases or new ways of thinking of health and disease.

I work personally with each client to help map out what may have impacted their health and ways we can work together to bring the body back into balance. I use a combination of a detailed health history, laboratory testing and targeted diet, lifestyle and supplement advice that fits into each client’s unique needs.

I particularly enjoy working with gut health, liver and detoxification support and women’s health.

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Chloe Manlay

As a Registered Nutritional Therapist and Yoga teacher, I am dedicated to helping clients find balance, health and happiness. I strongly believe that there is a plan to suit everyone, no matter your age, lifestyle, work schedule, family or health issues and enjoy creating bespoke programmes for my clients.

I completed my BSc(Hons) degree in Nutritional Therapy from the University of Westminster in 2013, since then my passion for adopting a whole body approach to healing has led me to qualifying as a yoga teacher and attending further trainings with the Institute for Functional Medicine.

I have a particular interest in weight management, digestion, microbiome health and skin complaints, and enjoy coaching clients through bespoke programmes incorporating personalised nutrition, functional testing, yoga, mindset and health coaching.

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Jennifer Still

I am a qualified Registered Nutritional Therapist having graduated from The College of Naturopathic Medicine in London. I am from Canada where I qualified as a Registered Nurse in 2004. I am also qualified as a level 2 Reiki practitioner.

My interest in healing through Naturopathic Nutrition started when I was continually asked in practice what alternative options, especially through food, I could recommend to ease various conditions. I didn’t have an answer but I did know there was something missing, a way to get to the root cause rather than just treating the symptoms. My passion for Nutritional Therapy grew deeper as I saw the power it brought to my own healing experiences from illness back to health.

​Eating healthy certainly does not need to be boring or a challenge, it is about having a healthy relationship with food as well as a diverse repertoire of food. The aim is to guide my clients to feeling optimal in mind, body and spirit. I use personalised and tailored advice for each individual case using the functional medicine model. Let me help you find your own unique path to healing, empowerment and vitality. ​Let thy food be thy medicine.

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Testing Packages with our team

We are pleased to announce the launch of our testing packages. We currently offer a variety of targeted, state of the art laboratory tests with a 45 minute interpretation session with one of our team. Together we have analysed hundreds of these tests and frequently use them in clinic. Our tests look at gut health and the microbiome, hormonal health, nutrigenomics (how are DNA may be impacting our health) and advanced food intolerance testing.

If you are interested in booking a test, we recommend you find out more on our test packages page where you will find detailed information on each test, sample reports and quick videos on how to perform each home test.

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