If you’re seeking a truly personalised functional medicine approach to your health, if you’re motivated and committed to wanting to really get to the bottom of what’s going on, to understand what you can do about it, and work with us to implement those changes then we’d love to work with you.

We believe it’s really important to make our Eat Drink Live Well Clinic fees transparent right from the start so that there are no unexpected financial surprises when you start working with us and that you know exactly what to expect. Journeying into functional medicine isn’t inexpensive but our intention is that by investing in your health now, you’ll save money in the long run.

Additional costs over and above your consultation fees are (optional but frequently recommended) functional laboratory tests and supplements. You can get an idea of the costs of these by taking a look at our FAQs and information over on our Tests page.

You’ll see that as well as standalone consultations we offer a 6 month membership package.  Purchasing a coaching packages allows us to work together on a much closer basis, with more regular contact and formulating a bespoke, unique therapeutic plan that we’ll implement over a set number of months.

Packages include a range of other benefits such as financially friendly payment plans, inclusive background research, written reports following your consultations, support between consultations, referral letters to GPs and consultants and test interpretation and discussion directly with the laboratories on your behalf. And for every hour that you’re in front of us, we spend at least that working on your case behind the scenes.

As an additional benefit, we also include access to weekly online group support calls as part of your membership package.

For more information on all of this, head over to our FAQs.

Clinic Fee Schedule

All consultations are available via our Virtual Clinic only.

If you’re ready to go and want to book a consultation please click here!

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If you’ve read our clinic information and FAQs but still are unsure or have questions, please book a complimentary Discovery Call to learn more

Discovery Call                                                              15 minutes              Free

A complimentary 15 minute video or phone call to enable you to understand more about our approach and for us to assess whether you may be a good fit for the Eat Drink Live Well Clinic

Initial Consultation                                                       75 minutes              £347+ 

A 75 minute video or Face to Face consultation. During this Initial functional medicine case history analysis we discuss your goals, your health history and your current (and prior) diet and lifestyle. By the end of your consultation we aim that you have a clear understanding of factors that may be influencing your current health status. We’ll work together on devising a realistic and achievable phased plan to support your health goals encompassing, as appropriate, dietary and lifestyle modifications, supplemental support, functional laboratory testing options and/or medical referrals as necessary. Please note that this is primarily an information gathering and planning session; detailed meal planning and recipe recommendations are included in future Review consultations.

Review Consultations                                                                

Review Consultations are available with time slots ranging between 15-60 minutes depending on whether you need just a quick motivational check in or a longer, in depth review or test interpretation session.  Review Consultations are also appropriate for clients on a bi-annual or annual maintenance programme. Please note that these appointments are only bookable after completion of an Initial Consultation.

Consultation Packages:

Consultation Packages are the most popular choice for new Eat Drink Live Well clients. A package is for you if you are serious and committed to making lasting changes to your health over a 6 month timeframe, and want to benefit from working closely with us during that time.

Packages can be particularly beneficial if you’re undertaking functional testing with us, as it allows us to spend time with you explaining your test results and to ensure you understand the findings and implications. A packaged consultation approach can also be really helpful if you have more complex/chronic health conditions, if your programme needs regular fine-tuning and adjusting – and if you’re the type of person who appreciates and benefits from regular contact, support and accountability.

Our consultation packages comprise a set number of hours consultation time and you’re able to allocate this time in a way that suits you. For example after using your package for your Initial consultation (75 minutes) you may chose weekly 15 minute phone calls for motivation, opt for a 45 minute review every month, or need a couple of 60 minute appointments close to each other to review detailed laboratory testing results and incorporate them into your programme. The best way to use your package will be discussed during your Initial Consultation.

An additional benefit of purchasing a Consultation Package is six months group coaching support in a weekly zoom sessions. If you’re not able to attend the call but have a question you’d like answered, the call is recorded so you can listen back at your convenience. This extra support allows us to keep you on track between your individual consultations and to answer more general questions around your diet and lifestyle to support your journey. Weekly coaching sessions are not available to clients who book consultations on a standalone basis.

Packages are valid for six months from date of purchase.

If you’re not ready to move ahead with a consultation or package at this time, that’s absolutely fine! When you’re ready please let us know and in the meantime we look forward to getting to know you via our programmes and social media communities.

Please note that we require 24 hours notice for cancellation of appointments. Cancellations made within 24 hours of your appointment time are charged at the full consultation rate.