Bananas are rich in a special kind of starch known as resistant starch. We can’t digest this starch so it has no impact on blood sugar levels but more importantly instead of feeding us, it feeds our special friends – the microbiome. One of the best ways to increase levels of good bacteria in our guts is by giving them their preferred foods – resistant starch (known as a prebiotic).

But choosing the right type of banana is important. Green bananas are rich in resistant starch but as the banana ripens, this indigestible starch is broken down to sugars that we can absorb. So always opt for the greener fruit and help your bacterial community to thrive. Probiotics influence so many of our functions including our mood, weight, immune system, gut health and protection against disease. Diet is the best way to keep them happy and encourage the good ones to proliferate and crowd out less desirable organisms.